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Manage your Health Payments


DEXTROpay is a Payment System for for healthcare services & products.


Payment Installment Plans

Medical Loans

Manage Outstanding Medical Bills

DEXTROpay allows you to pay your healthcare bills with your Doctor, Lab's, Hospital bills, Insurance premiums, Pharmacy costs and other health related expenses. 

DEXTROpay solves payments in Healthcare

DEXTROpay lets you take care of yourself and not worry about out-of-pocket costs or whether you have enough money.

U.S. healthcare payments market is growing and changing rapidly, having reached an estimated $2.7 trillion as a total of both payer and patient payments.


A great deal of this growth has spurred from increasing patient responsibility, as high-deductible health plan (HDHP) enrollment has increased nationally to more than 25 million and growing.


The evolving healthcare payments industry impacts the way payers do business. We wish to disrupt the current manual & paper-intensive process to disburse payments which contributes to inefficiencies and costs of more than $300 billion each year.



Healthcare in America is a $3 Trillion Dollar industry
Payment Solutions anywhere
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DEXTROpay is a win for Physicians
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